Sammy Farha 2006 Razor Poker iCard #A-36 Showdown Signature Poker Trading Card 25/25

by Razor


This is an autographed showdown signature iCard from Razor Poker. This card bears the authentic autograph of Sammy Farah. Razor Poker guarantees that the signature on this card is authentic.

Card Back

Congratulations! You have received an autographed showdown Signatures insert card from Razor Poker, LLC. This card bears the authentic autograph of the pictured player. Razor Poker Guarantees that the signature on this card is authentic. We hope you enjoy this piece of poker history. Nobody brings you poker, like Razor brings you poker!

Card Series

In June 2007 a set of iCards was released. The iCards were a limited Edition set of individually numbered cards. A card was made for each of the 76 cards in the base set plus the 42 cards in the Showdown Signature set.

For the Showdown Signature set cards were only available in limited runs of 10 or 25 and sold on EBAY by Razor Entertainment. The cards sold out very quickly.

The front of the cards were numbered and had an "iCard" logo below the "Razor" logo.

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Poker Pro

For information on Sammy please refer to Wikipedia article Sammy Farha.