Sportkings Poker Trading Cards - 2007-2012

Series A - 2007 featuring PHIL HELLMUTH
The greatest comeback in sports history is about to take place and trading card collectors will soon be on the hunt for Sportkings Series A.

Similar to the original Sport Kings Gum series, this all-new collection is made up of 48 Base Cards covering an incredible array of sports icons from baseball to poker. The design of the base set remains true to the original and features all original artwork.

Each pack of Sportkings Series A will contain seven cards. The fun begins with three traditionally sized Base Cards along with one parallel Base Card which has been made to the same size as the classic cards.

There is also an incredible selection of Autograph Cards in the product and the athletes included are sure to bring back memories of some of the greatest moments in the history of sports.

Another exciting feature of Sportkings Series A is the outstanding selection of Memorabilia Cards that are seeded two per pack.

Series B - 2008 featuring DANIELLE NEGREANU
Series B features three packs per box instead of one. The wholesale price per box will remain the same. Each pack will feature two Base Cards and one insert card. So instead of 7 cards per box in Series A there will be 9 cards per box in Series B. One of the six Base Cards per box will be a vintage (mini) Base Card. This will allow a new group of collectors to begin collecting Sportkings at a lower price point while giving the collector who wants to continue breaking boxes, a better value.

More Autograph Cards
Series A featured hard-signed Autograph Cards on a 1.25 per box ratio and Game-Used Memorabilia Cards at a 1.75 per box ratio. Collectors told us that they would prefer more Sportkings Autograph Cards and we responded by reversing the ratios. The ratios in Series B will be Autograph Cards 1.75 per box and Game-Used Memorabilia Cards 1.25 per box on average.

Rare Cut Signature Cards
Series B will feature some of the rarest Cut Signature Cards in the hobby. There will be six different Cut Signature Insert Sets; Founding Fathers, Presidents and Players, Vintage PaperCuts, Sportkings at the Movies, PaperCuts and 1933-The Year.
Some of the rare Cut Signatures include; Founding Fathers - John S. Douglas, The Marquis de Queensberry -Boxing's Founder, Sportkings At The Movies - Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson who was portrayed in the movie, "The Great White Hope", Vintage PaperCuts features 1933 Sport King - William Tilden Jr., PaperCuts features fabled golfer Payne Stewart, Presidents and Players includes Theodore Roosevelt and 1933-The Year features notable individuals from 1933 including songwriter Irving Berlin.

More Limited Memorabilia Cards
By increasing the number of Autograph Cards in Series B we were able to reduce the number of the Game-Used Memorabilia Cards. The production numbers of many of the Game-Used Memorabilia Cards have been reduced drastically. Many of the Insert Sets have 9 silver versions and 1 gold. Some have 20 silver versions and 10 gold versions and the least limited insert set has 30 silver versions and 10 gold versions. Compare to Series A and you can see how limited the Game-Used Memorabilia Cards will be.

Redemptions for 1933 Goudey Sport Kings Gum Cards and Pack
Redemption Cards will be inserted into Series B packs that can be redeemed for graded 1933 Goudey Sport Kings Gum cards. One lucky collector will receive a Redemption Card for a complete graded pack of 1933 Sport Kings Gum.
Series B, the tradition continues.

Series C - 2009 featuring ANNIE DUKE
The production of series C was reduced to 1/2 the number of boxes to create more value and collectibility.
Each box
2 hard-signed Autograph Cards
1 Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Card or Cut Signature
6 Sportkings Base Cards including at least one Mini Base Card

Series D - 2010 featuring SCOTTY NGUYEN
Continuing where Series C left off the 48 card base set includes an amazing array of Sport Kings featuring MMA pound-for-pound champion George St-Pierre, "The Greatest" of all time Muhammad Ali, Baseball hall of famer Duke Snider, Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee, Basketball hall of famer Wilt Chamberlain, collegiate coaching great Bobby Knight and many more!

Both our loyal collectors and dealers have spoken and we have listened and we have reconfigured Sportkings for Series D.

Every box of Sportkings Series D will contain 5 cards, 4 base cards and one insert card. The insert will be either a hard-signed autograph or an authentic game-used memorabilia card including cut-signatures, admit one redemptions, Made To Order and many other amazing inserts. Additionally there are parallels of the base cards including the very popular mini base version inserted 1:2 boxes, mini silver & gold versions inserted 1:19 boxes. Insert ratios are an average throughout the entire production run and are not guaranteed in any individual box or case.

Sportkings Series "D" Base Checklist

161 Royce Gracie
162 Duke Snider
163 Argentina Rocca
164 Misty May-Treanor
165 Kerri Walsh
166 Scotty Nguyen
167 Jim Craig
168 Wilt Chamberlain
169 Bobby Knight
170 Renaldo Nehemiah
171 Floyd Mayweather Jr.
172 Henry Armstrong
173 Sheryl Swoopes
174 Dennis Rodman
175 Warren Sapp
176 Bret Hart
177 Juan Manuel Fangio
178 Joe Sakic
179 Muhammad Ali SP
180 Tony Gwynn
181 Jack Nicklaus SP
182 Althea Gibson
183 Bernie Parent
184 Georges St-Pierre
185 Biba Golic
186 Mark McGwire
187 Ewa Laurance
188 Laffit Pincay Jr.
189 Johnny Unitas
190 Joe Greene
191 Henry Cotton
192 War Admiral
193 Mitch Gaylord
194 Steve Carlton
195 Ronnie Coleman
196 Emil Zatopek
197 Eddy Merckx
198 Joe Foss
199 Scott Hamilton
200 Earl Anthony
201 Raymond Berry
202 Curly Neal
203 Bob Lilly
204 Bruce Lee SP
205 Bruno Sammartino
206 Susan Butcher
207 Eusebio
208 Russell Baze

Series E - 2012 featuring DOYLE BRUNSON
Each box of Sportkings Series E contains five cards. Three Base Cards (including random minis), one Base Card - Premium Back and one Insert Card (either an Authentic Game-Memorabilia Card or an Authentic Autograph Card-hard signed).