Press Pass Wheels Main Event Trading Cards - 2009

Each box contains 20 packs with five cards each. On average two Memorabilia Cards and one Autograph Card per box.


  • Two Memorabilia Cards & one Autograph Card Per Hobby Box!
  • First Poker Themed Nascar Set – Featuring Autographs From Top Professional Poker Players!
  • Four Autograph Levels – Club, Diamond, Spade And Heart!…1:20
  • All New Memorabilia – Driver-Worn Cowboy Hats, Pit Road Relics (Pit Wall Banners, Pit Signs, Pit Stackers, And Wheel Covers) And Event-Used Playing Cards Featuring The Drivers’ Door Numbers…1:10
  • 54 Card Full Poker Deck Subset!


  • One Autographed Press Plate, 1 Of 1 Spade Level Autograph Card Or Hat Dance Patch Edition Card From A Top Driver!
  • Two Or Three Autographed Short-Printed Rookie Base Cards!
  • Three Professional Poker Player Autograph Cards!
  • Ten Main Even Marks Autograph Cards (Featuring Four Levels – Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade)!
  • Twenty Authentic Memorabilia Cards And 20 Innovative “Tire Technology” Cards!

The base set consists of 9 subsets in total.

Here's how we did....


  • Rounders (#1-36)
  • Double Suited (#43-48)
  • Pit Boss (#49-54)
  • All In (#55-63)
  • Jackpot (#64-72)
  • Poker Face (#73-80)
  • Poker Pro (#81-86)